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Chesapeake Analytics Corp.


The industry leading management consultants at Chesapeake Analytics develop business growth strategies for companies in the spatial technology sector.  At Chesapeake Analytics, we help senior level business executives navigate the business environment. We undertake select confidential assignments in financing, valuation and analysis, business combinations, and strategic analysis, primarily in the geospatial industry. 

Competing in global markets in today's environment of rapid change requires critical analysis of business and market strategies. We help business leaders take advantage of disruptive geospatial, mobile and location services technologies. Location technology adds value to the enterprise's core business processes and helps companies realize the growth their shareholders demand. 


Chesapeake's Expertise...

Leads to Your Success

A corporate strategic plan that meets growth objectives
Corporate transactions are a key part of the growth portfolio
Finance growth with an investment-grade business plan
Optimize market positioning with the right marketing mix
Market knowledge reduces uncertainty and risk
The right global marketing mix for your products and services



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