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About Chesapeake Analytics

Chesapeake Analytics was founded in 1998 by Edward A. Jurkevics as a strategic management consulting firm for senior executives of corporations in the geospatial technology sector. 


Chesapeake specializes in growth scenarios.  The company help businesses manage change in the business environment created by the accelerating pace of location- and spatial-technology development and the fierce competition unleashed by globalization. Our clients face with an ever-more complex set of alternatives for strategic direction.

The geospatial field is seeing an immense growth of sensor data, images from satellites, aircraft, drones, vehicle-mounted sustems, and hand-help devices. Imagery data is everywhere, posing a challenge to enterprises who need to manage their disbursed assets and interests.

The Big Data revolution is arriving just in time to help manage the growing data surplus, and Chesapeake is devoted to helping firms and investors alike to navigate this new opportunity.. 


Chesapeake Analytics is a "boutique" consulting firm. It provides a personalized level of service where the consulting is performed by senior partners.  Because of this, Chesapeake is highly selective about the work it takes on.


Discretion, Secrecy, Confidentiality

Almost all of Chesapeake's assignments are performed under strict two-way nondisclosure agreements.  Only by exercising extreme discretion can our consultants work at the senior levels at which strategic initiatives are developed and realized.


Chesapeake is a retained consulting firm.  Clients sign an agreement and forward a retainer against which hourly fees and expenses are billed.



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