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Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnering Strategies



The various forms of business partnering can be the best path for a form or business unit to quickly expand its value network. Mergers and acquisitions are used as a business steroid - they help business units accomplish more, faster, and at lower risk. M&A can aggregate small business into threshold companies that gain critical mass to dominate a technology sector and accelerate liquidity for the shareholders.



Partners are important because win-win relationships can provide a tremendous boost for an emerging business. Partnering relationships can range from joint marketing agreements, licensing or distribution agreements, joint ventures, right through to Mergers & Acquisitions.



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We have undertaken dozens of merger and acquisition assignments, representing both the sell side and the buy-side. Our services include due diligence, financial projections, valuation, and deal structuring and negotiation. We put together teams that manage a project from LOI and termsheet through closing and into post-closing integration. Chesapeake has been a major behind-the-scenes dealmaker in the geospatial industry for over 10 years.



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